En concert lundi 28 janvier à 19h au Freemousse.bar.

On the Gift of a Chinese Finger Trap

poème écrit par Rosalind Holmes Duffy

This is for your son.
If you give it to him,
watch him run
his fingers on its weave,
and conceive
it is a tube.
Leave him to
expand it,
poke his digits,
soft as eyes,
Watch him wrap
his mind around the fact
it is a trap.
Let it teach him,
as it once taught me,
that although
all instinct
screams ‘no’
a time arrives
to let it go.
Then getting out
is giving in.
Please give your son this present so
he’ll know
that love
is not
a test
to see
who is not,
and who
is free.

Ces paroles vous seront chantées lundi 28 janvier à partir de 19h30 (eh oui, Rosalind Holmes Duffy, l’auteure de ce poème que nous avons mis en musique, assurera notre première partie de 19h à 19h30) au Freemousse.bar, dans le 18ème arrondissement parisien.